Frank Poulsen produces and develops robots for organic and conventional agriculture that offer efficient and economical weed control without the use of herbicides.

The Robovator is a camera-controlled weeding machine for weed control in the row, equipped with a special plant detection camera above each row. It has mechanical weeding arms that are hydraulically steered in and out of the line.

The weed killers normally remain in line, but are moved out of line when a crop plant passes by. The hydraulically controlled weeding arms are very robust and designed for high speed and long life.

The specially designed plant detection cameras mounted on each parallelogram continuously monitor the passing plants. When a crop passes, the computer sends a signal to the hydraulically controlled weeding arms, which are moved out of the row at the specified time. When the crop plant has passed, the weed arms are put back in the row.

If there is a gap in the row, for example if one or more plants are missing, the tool remains in the row. The automatic lateral steering ensures that the machine remains in exactly the right position, even if the tractor touches the track.

In order to improve the service, M. Hulzebos Agri Evolution has developed a unique tool that enables remote support. With this unique tool we can offer proactive support, which will lead to even more effectiveness of the Robovator.

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